Where to Buy 4+ Bedroom Homes in Montreal with $80,000/Year Income

If you are making $80,000/year, there are currently 112 homes with 4+ bedrooms for sale in Montreal that you can afford. That's a pretty great number! Of course, most of these homes are not located centrally downtown, but most are found in lovely areas that will be perfect for you and your family.

Here are the municipalities where most of these listings are available:

Dollard Des Ormeaux

There are currently 12 homes located in Dollard Des Ormeaux with 4+ bedrooms that you can afford on an $80,000/year income. This wonderful West Island neighbourhood is full of friendly folks and certainly has most amenities that you would need!

Montréal Nord

As of the time writing this, there are 8 homes located in Montréal Nord with 4+ bedrooms that are within the $80,000 income budget. This area is quite close to downtown Montreal and has some wonderful restaurants and amenities.


There are a whopping 20 homes with 4+ bedrooms in Pierrefonds that are compatible with an $80,000/year income. That's a lot! Pierrefonds is a beautiful borough near Montreal that is easily accessibly by public transit or car. It is populated by many young families and is quickly growing in popularity.


Riviere-des-Prairies—Pointe-aux-Trembles, or RDP/PAT, is located at the eastern tip of the island of Montreal. Currently, there are 16 homes available with the aforementioned criteria. While it might appear a little far from the city, it is a really beautiful and clean municipality filled with families and schools. The cost of living there is also smaller than most other municipalities in the area, so it is certainly worth a look!


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