What are Mid-Century Homes?

Some of the most popular home types in Quebec and North America as a whole are mid-century homes. And for good reason! These homes can be attractive and comfortable living spaces that are not overly costly to purchase or rent.

Let's dive into the characteristics of mid-century homes to see why they're so loved.

What is the Mid-Century Modern Style?

History lesson! The mid-century modern style originated when Bauhaus architects and designers migrated to North America after the second World War. The style is typically known for its simplicity and high functionality.

Mid-Century Home Features

Essentially, the real distinguishing features of mid-century homes are a classic understated look filled with open space and clean lines. They are definitely associated with minimalism and modernism, as many of the more pricy mid-century homes that people see have large, open spaces complimented by the occasional luxury item.

One of the key components of mid-century homes is the focus on functionality. The design of the home is such that every room and hallway logically connect to each other, leading to a true sense of comfort and sureness within the home.

Another key feature here is the uncluttered and sleek lines that follow both organic geometric forms. Additionally, designers tend to experiment with different traditional and non-traditional materials, leading to a truly distinct mid-century home.

Mid-century homes are rarely characterized by colour, as designers tend to use a vast range of colours ranging from bold to neutral. Materials such as wood and plastic are frequently used in unique ways, as well as non-traditional materials such as glass, plywood, Plexiglass, and metal.

Furnishing a Mid-Century Modern Home

First of all, it's important to note that you can decorate a mid-century home however you please! There are a few small guidelines you can follow, however, to aesthetically and functionally furnish this type of home.

You should ideally stick to one style when furnishing your home - as the combination of styles can be quite jarring.

Aim for simplicity and avoid too many patterns and crazy colour combinations. I'm not saying you should decorate the place like an Apple store, but definitely don't give your family or guests a concussion with crazy colours.

Be sure to check out vintage and used furniture to get some incredible pieces for an affordable price too! Build around larger setpieces to keep a consistent style.


With their sleek and comfortable design, emphasis on functionality, and minimal yet impactful style, it's easy to see why mid-century modern homes are in such high demand in the real estate industry.

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