Top 5 Most Stunning Views in Montreal

Montreal is a gorgeous city with a strange law: that buildings cannot exceed the height of Mount Royal, the mountain situated in the center of the city. While this does moderate our city skyline, it also means that it is rather difficult to find areas to get a truly scenic view of the city.

We have compiled a list of the top 5 best views in Montreal where you can please your eyes, and have some of the best picnics of your life.

#1) Mont-Royal – Belvedere Camillien-Houde

One of the most prominent tourist spots in the whole city, the main lookout at Mont-Royal is certainly one of the best city views in all of Quebec. Looking past the city into the mountains, this spot proves to be the ultimate view of this historic city.

#2) Jacques-Cartier Bridge

This is a bit of a weird one, but hear me out. Driving along the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, especially during a clear night, gives you the experience of flying into a wonderous city. I always encourage people who are in the area to either walk or bike across the bridge just to get one of the most underrated views of Montreal there is. Just don't go during rush-hour, or the honking will ruin your peace.

#3) La Grande Roue de Montréal

Though La Grande Roue is certainly a tourist attraction that can be unnecessarily busy and expensive, it does bless anybody willing to pay the price with a gorgeous view of the Old Port of Montreal. Going on a quiet, clear night with someone you love is a truly surreal experience that we wholeheartedly recommend, even if you have to take out a mortgage to do it.

#4) Tour de Montréal

Ah, the Olympic Stadium. One of the world's most bizarre buildings. Though the Tour and stadium have not been fully renovated since the 1970s, don't let it scare you away from a unique experience. On a clear day, the top of the Tour de Montréal can showcase some of the best views the city has to offer, all within a famous Montreal landmark.

#5) Terrasse Place d'Armes

Get a true sense of Europe sitting and dining on Terrasse Place d'Armes. Not only are you served delicious food, but you get to eat and drink while overlooking the downtown Montreal skyline. This is definitely something visitors and Montrealers should experience at least once.

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