Local Realty vs Big Real Estate Companies

When people begin the search for a residential real estate company to work with, they are often faced with a choice: either they work with one of those massive real estate agencies or select a local realty option.

Of course, there are benefits associated with both of these options. This article is meant to showcase the pros of working with either of these types of companies and is not intended on valuing one over the other. Certain options work better for certain situations, so read below to get a better idea of whether you should go for local realty or a national real estate agency.

Advantages of Working with Local Realty Companies

Local Staff and Local Knowledge

Having a local staff in the real estate industry can be a huge advantage. Since real estate can be such a local business, having people who are directly familiar with the areas you are interested in can greatly improve your real estate experience. If a broker is focused on specific areas, they know the best places to suit your needs and are able to conduct better negotiations.

Let's look at an example. Qube Realty is focused primarily on the Greater Montreal Area and its brokers are experts in many municipalities therein. An individual who is interested in the Westmount neighbourhood, for example, can work with a Qube broker who already understands the area and its local real estate.

Ability to Adjust

One of the best parts of working with a local realty company is how they can often adjust to your specific needs. Local realtors tend to give you a highly individualized real estate experience and work with you on a more personal level than national real estate firms.

If you have any problems or need to make changes, local realty companies can quickly adjust to suit your needs, where larger firms often put you through a long and tiring process.

Advantages of Working with National Real Estate Firms


Hiring and working with a national real estate firm is typically seen as being a very safe bet. After all, since it's a large brand name, it must be safe, right?

The issue is, residential real estate can be highly individualized and a local business, meaning that a huge brand name might work better in one market than another. It's important to ask around and do some research about a national real estate company's reputation in your area specifically.

This being said, larger firms are able to cover any inconveniences and problems that may arise through the process, meaning that you are perhaps safer using them than local realty companies. Just be sure to read through their guarantees before you sign anything.

Experience and Reviews

Larger national real estate companies tend to have way more experience than local realty firms, meaning that they most likely know how best to deal with your unique housing situation. They also usually have many reviews and testimonials you can check before deciding to work with them. While local realty companies may also have experience and numerous reviews, it is generally easier to read about others' experiences with larger companies than small ones.


Whether you decide to work with a local realty company or a national one is entirely up to you! Both have some really excellent advantages for home buyers and home sellers, and your decision to go with either one of these is largely dependent on what you value most.

If you seek a more personalized experience where a broker knows your area extremely well and will be there for you 24/7, a local realty company is your best bet! If you want to focus on larger companies with more guarantees and testimonials, a larger national company is good for you! Either way, we recommend looking at reviews from previous customers to get a good idea of the experience you will get with the company. Do some research and ask around!

If you need to sell or buy a home, a Qube REALTOR® can help you navigate the market safely and with professional insight. Qube supports Quebec residents by providing full-service real estate experiences with incredible rewards: sellers save thousands in commission and buyers receive cash back when they purchase a home with one of our REALTORS®. Visit our website here or call 1-877-410-7823 to learn more.