How to Prepare your Yard for Winter

While the winter months are not conducive to maintaining a green lawn, there are certain steps homeowners can take to prepare for winter so their lawns will return to a lush green in the spring. With careful preparation, a yard will be protected from the winter months so not as much yard work will need to be carried out to prepare for the warm months of the year. With this information, homeowners can be fully prepared to protect their yards from the impending winter cold.

Many homeowners fail to mow their lawn just before freezing temperatures hit. A failure to perform this chore can result in choppy growth through a portion of the early winter months. Ideally, one should keep the lawn mowed very low for the best results. Mowing the grass to the lowest recommended level just before winter will help to ensure the grass lies dormant throughout the cold months. Aeration in the late fall is an opportune time for encouraging lush growth in the spring. Aerating a lawn means opening up the root base to encourage richer growth. This is a fairly easy process to conduct and should be carried out with a proper aerator tool for the best results.

Fertilization is key to protecting grass and preparing it for the harsh winter months ahead. A fertilizer that is low in nitrogen and high in potassium is best since this will discourage growth, protect the roots, and help them to harden for the winter weather that will soon arrive.

Removing leaves is a must for a beautiful lawn in spring. Homeowners who do not remove leaves end up with bare spots in their lawn. It does not matter whether a homeowner prefers to mulch the leaves or rake them, they simply need to be removed in some fashion.

Perennial plants in a yard should be cut down with very sharp pruners to ensure they will survive through the winter months. It is important for homeowners to follow the recommended pruning guidelines for the types of perennials they have in their yard for the best results.

It is also important for homeowners to apply weedkillers to their flower beds and around their vegetation. Some weeds continue to grow in the cold, so protecting these areas from weed growth is crucial.

Homeowners should remove any dead limbs from their trees and prune overgrowing limbs. This will prevent needless damage to the tree from falling snow and ice buildup and will encourage increased growth in the spring.

Homeowners should consider using these tips to prepare for winter. By taking the time to carry out each yard work chore, a homeowner can rest assured their grass, plants, and trees will be carefully protected during the cold winter months. By being proactive, homeowners will be able to reap the benefits of their labor when the spring months come in and their lawn looks better than any other in the neighborhood. With these tips, homeowners can prepare their lawns for the shock of winter so there is less damage.

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