How to Prepare for Moving Into a New Home

Moving tends to be very stressful. With proper preparation, however, the stress can be reduced and the move completed more efficiently. Take the time to review the steps and ensure none are missed.

Be sure to transfer all information to your new residence

This includes utilities, mail, credit cards, banks, and more. Most of the time, these tasks may be completed online. Doing these transfers early guarantees there are no surprises before or after the move.

Begin collecting boxes and packing materials

Often, these items may be obtained through classified ad sites or sites that encourage recycling. Now is also the time to look for any items that may be needed during the move, especially when the move is being completed without professional help. This includes renting, borrowing, or purchasing a furniture dolly and hand truck. Box cutters will also be of great help during the unpacking process.

Take measurements of the new home

These measurements may be used to plan room layouts, purchase curtains, and determine where various items will be placed in the home. Many home buyers eyeball their new residence, assuming they are getting an accurate picture of what they need to buy and where things will go. This typically leads to disappointment when things don't work out as planned. The new home will look great if these simple steps are taken.

Begin researching movers or determine who will help with the move and rent a truck

This process does take time, so it should never be delayed. With time, numerous moving companies or truck rental providers can be researched, rather than going with the cheapest or the only one available.

Change the locks on the home

There is no way to know who has keys to the old locks, so this step needs to be completed immediately upon closing and the exchange of keys. Be sure to factor the expense of doing so into the cost of moving, including the fee for a locksmith if one is needed.

Do a deep cleaning of the home or call in professionals to complete the task

Set up one area for supplies during the process and move methodically through the home. Many home buyers believe they will carry out this step once they move in, yet it's better to complete the deep clean before any items enter the home. The feeling that the homeowner gets when this is done cannot be discounted.

Obviously, these are only some of the many steps to be completed. Packing, sorting, and hauling away trash are others. The more preparation that is done, the easier the move will be. Make a checklist and move through it methodically. Doing so will benefit you in both the short and long run.

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