The Art of Buying a Home - After the Purchase

Congratulations on purchasing your home! We're sure it's been a tiring and complicated process and we hope our previous home-buying articles (before and during) were able to help make this journey as easy as possible.

There are just a few last things home-buyers must be aware of once they've sealed the deal.

Meeting with a Notary

Why do I need to meet with a notary?

Notaries play a key role in finalizing real estate transactions by examining the titles, and drawing up the deed of sale and deed of loan.

Most notaries are very experienced with these tasks and will help you effortlessly navigate the legal side of purchasing your home.

If you don’t have a notary in mind already, don’t be afraid to reach out to your real estate broker or any family or friends for referrals. Most past home-buyers have had experiences with notaries and can certainly help set you up.

Notaries will ensure that (OACIQ, 2020):

  • The seller is the real owner

  • He has the right and the ability to sell

  • His spouse or another person must consent to the sale

  • The lot measurements are accurate

  • Any rights-of-way exist, etc.

After the meeting:

Once your meeting is finished, you must simply sign the deed of sale and the notary will officially register the transaction in the “land register”. This essentially makes your ownership and the rights held by your mortgage lender public.

Now you’re finished with all of the legal work! Congratulations! All of the technical and complicated parts about the buying process are over with and now all you have to do is move into your new home.

Moving In

A few days after you sign the deed of sale, you will receive your property titles. This is essentially a bundle of rights and responsibilities for you, the new owner of the home. Review these documents carefully to make sure everything is correct.

Things to watch out for:

First of all, you should double-check that all of the inclusions with your new home work properly. This shouldn’t be a big issue, as your inspector is supposed to find any and all issues with the home. But it is still worth checking just in case.

We also recommend double checking that everything that is supposed to be included in the home (in the promise to purchase) is, in fact, there. We don’t want anybody running away with a fridge, because then you’d better go catch it.

What if I find problems or have questions?

So, what happens if you settle into your new home, only to figure out that there are issues with any of the documents, or with the home and its inclusions. In the wise words of Douglas Adams: don’t panic!

If you used a broker, you are protected under the Real Estate Brokerage Act, which includes several protection mechanisms in case you feel that an aspect of your transaction did not go well (OACIQ, 2020).

However, before consulting this act, it would be a good idea to contact an Info OACIQ agent to see how you can resolve these problems. You can also ask these agents any and all questions you may have. You can find their contact information on the OACIQ website.

Well, that’s all folks! Thank you for joining us on this home-buyer’s journey. We hope we could illuminate some questions and concerns you may have had.

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