5 Things You Need to Remember When You Buy a New House

People looking to buy a new house need to take certain steps before proceeding. By taking these steps, they can improve their chances of being approved for a mortgage and obtaining a home they love. A new house is a wonderful thing, but only when the process is handled properly. We listed a few things to keep in mind when buying a home below to help you through this process! Check out our Buyer's Guide for a full list of all the steps you need to take!

1. What Is Needed In the Home?

Although this may seem obvious, many home buyers never stop to consider what they want in their new residence. As a result, they find it hard to narrow the available choices and become overwhelmed. This includes not only the location, such as a central or suburban area, but also the type of house. Is a condo preferred or would a single-family home be a better choice when children are desired in the near future? Take the time to determine this before proceeding.

2. Is Home Ownership The Right Option?

Determine the true cost of buying a new house. The mortgage payment is only one factor to take into consideration. Calculate anticipated property taxes, insurance, maintenance, and repairs. Doing so will also help to limit the choices, and the cost of living needs to be taken into account at this time.

3. Build or Buy?

Some individuals want a custom-built home, yet others prefer to buy a fixer-upper and do the work themselves. There are pros and cons associated with each option that need to be taken into account. If a fixer-upper is a possibility, buyers need to factor in not only the cost of the renovations but also the time needed to make any repairs. Where will the family live during this time, if not in the home, and how much will the home be worth once the repairs are complete? Take the time to determine this when choosing whether to buy a new house or build one.

4. Check Credit Scores

Credit scores need to be evaluated before applying for a mortgage. Individuals must ensure there are no surprises on their credit report and that they will qualify for a mortgage. Sadly, identity theft remains a problem in the country today, and this simple step can save a great deal of time and effort on the part of the buyer. In addition, any negative items on the report can be addressed before the mortgage application is submitted.

5. Know your Debt-To-Income Ratio

Lenders look at a borrower's income-to-debt ratio when reviewing a mortgage application. Conventional loans typically require a debt-to-income ratio of less than 28 percent of gross monthly income. For FHA loans, this figure cannot be more than 31 percent of gross monthly income. With these guidelines, borrowers can determine how much home they can truly afford.

Now may be the time to buy a new house, but only when these and numerous other steps have been taken. Preparation is key to a successful home purchase. Don't rush the process for the best results.

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