5 Most Valuable Repairs to Make Before Selling Your Home

Repairs are one of the simplest ways to seriously boost the value of your home on the market. Trust us when we say that when inspectors find a broken pipe or decaying paint, your home value decreases radically.

So we compiled the 5 most valuable repairs you can do in your home to boost the value and ensure smooth sailing during the selling process

#1: Paint

Re-painting is the easiest and cheapest way to update the look of your home and get rid of any chipping or wall marks. By simply painting your walls and ceilings with light or neutral colours, your home can look refreshingly appealing.

We highly recommend removing wallpaper as well and simply painting the wall, as wallpaper is often negatively regarded by home buyers.

#2: Plumbing

Does it seem to take an hour for your toilet to flush? Or does your sink drip? Well, trust us when we say that buyers are immediately turned off by bad plumbing. Plumbing repairs can be a little pricy, but you'll make up for it when your home is sold.

#3: Floors

Badly scratched hard-wood floors will certainly not appeal to potential buyers, and though it may be an expensive endeavour, you will again make up for it upon the sale of your home. Chipped or broken tiles in bathrooms should also be replaced, and any carpets with stains should be removed and either cleaned or replaced before the inspection.

#4: Exterior Yard

This one isn't technically a "repair," but something that most home sellers tend to forget about is the condition of their yard. This is the first thing home buyers see, both on online listings and during their first tours. We highly recommend cleaning everything up and potentially planting flowers or laying down new grass.

#5: Overall Functionality

All small functional repairs should absolutely be done before any inspectors visit your home. Everything from locks, to doorknobs, to door-stoppers, to your garage door should work flawlessly. These are cheap and easy repairs, but can significantly boost the impression home buyers have of your home. Imagine touring a home and their doorknob is loose or falls off. Even if the rest of the house is amazing, this impression will likely stick with you.

By making these 5 repairs and updates to your home, you can significantly boost the value of your home on the market and make the inspection process easier and stress-free. Of course, any other significant item that is broken should be repaired, but these 5 are absolutely essential.

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