5 Easy Ways to Increase the Value of your Home

Some people believe that the only way to significantly increase the value of your home before sale is to do crazy renovations. However, these are often very expensive, and there is always a risk that you may ultimately be losing money on the renovations in the long-run.

What if we told you there were easier ways to increase the value of your home that don't involve you shelling out thousands of dollars? Well, here is a list of five easy ways to increase the value of your home:

1) Spend One Hour with a Pro

Some realtors and designers will have a free meeting/consultation with you and give you specific ideas on how to increase your home value. The hourly fee of designers is usually around $100, and they can also give incredible advice tailored to your specific home.

2) Paint!

Even if you think the paint on your walls looks perfectly fine, freshly painted rooms can seriously increase the value of your home, all while barely spending any money. Maybe ask the designer in step 1 for suggestions for paint colours and types!

3) Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Of course, you should be cleaning up your front and back yards before showing your home. But to add an extra punch, and increase the value of your home, google specific low-maintenance plants and shrubs you can plant! Many plants require little water, and if they are native to your region, they have a high chance of thriving!

4) Visually Increase your Home's Square Footage

The value of your home is directly correlated to its size, but the number of square feet is not the only factor that this depends on. Visual space and how big a home feels really matters in home valuations.

Let in some light! Shade makes spaces feel much smaller than they actually are. We also recommend cleaning out any useless furniture and hanging mirrors around your house.

5) Small Bathroom Updates

Sometimes you don't need to remodel your entire bathroom to seriously increase your home value. Repainting, retiling, replacing wallpaper, and replacing old lighting can make an old bathroom feel good as new, and save you thousands in potential renovation costs!

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