5 Easy DIY Home Projects

Are you a crafty person who wants to improve their living space?

Well, we are ourselves handymen and handywomen, and we compiled 5 very easy do-it-yourself home projects to freshen up your home!

1) Construct a Set of Garage Shelves

Photo from If Only April

Most people's garages are insanely cluttered and disorganized. While you may be the only person venturing down there, organization can go a long way. Building some simple DIY shelves to organize the clutter is perfect for cleaning up the mess and having a presentable garage. Instructions on specifically how to build them can be found here.

2) Redo Your Cabinets with Contact Paper

Photo from The Handiman's Daughter

Instead of fully renovating your kitchen, garage, or anywhere else you have cabinets, sometimes small updates can make the space feel good as new. Peel and stick contact paper can be applied to cabinets to give them a brand new look, and can be easily removed if you want to return to their original look. Information on how to do this can be found here.

3) Turn a Closet Into a Home Office

Photo by Thomas J. Story

Simply unhinging a closet door and removing the hanging rods can make a useless closet into your own workspace! White shelves can also be installed in the closet and used as a desk, so you wouldn't need to find one small enough to fit through the doorway.

4) Bathroom Baskets to Replace Linen Closet

Photo from My Wee Abode

Don't have a linen closet? Or do you have one that's simply too full? Look no further than attaching baskets to the wall to store towels, facecloths, and anything else you need!

5) Make Stair Tread Bookshelves

Photo from Teal and Lime

Bookshelves are necessities in nearly all homes, but can be expensive and bulky. So why not make your own bookshelf out of stair treads? A full tutorial on how to make these can be found here.

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