10 Essential Designer Tips for Home Decoration

When placing a home on the market, home decorations are typically kept at a minimum so the buyers can imagine a home of their own with their own furnishings. However, when the sale is complete, it’s time to set down roots and begin to add a personal style all of your own.

It’s difficult to know just where to start at times, what to add to gain the largest impact, and how to achieve just the right look. Designers, however, have suggested a number of tips to help even the novice designer turn their home into a showpiece over time with a little bit of money and a bit of elbow grease.

1. Paint Colours are Key

While your house is still empty, choose the right paint colors to blend your sofas, chairs and tables with the walls and floors. In most cases, the bedrooms will need to be a neutral or warm hue to create a relaxing mood, but feel free to explore a more luxurious or formal color in the dining room or den. Smaller rooms can take advantage of lighter colors on the walls with ceilings a darker shade to give the appearance of a larger space.

2. Don't Overmatch

While the paint colors should coordinate, you don’t want to overmatch, and this is a common mistake many new homeowners make. It may sound good in theory to go with all the same color appliances or designs, it often gives off a sterile appearance. Instead, choose colors and textures that vary a bit in the shades.

3. Lighten Up

While most novice decorators think of replacing fixtures and adding lamps, experts suggest making use of light already in place. One way to do this is by utilizing glass blocks, glossy paints and mirrors. In fact, in days of old, large opulent mirrors were one way homeowners showed off their wealth and increased light in a time without electricity.

4. Don't Overcrowd the Room

It’s tempting when you love all the pieces to a set to buy them all, but resist the urge. Comfortable living means having enough room to move about with ease. Ease your budget by leaving enough room to walk and buying a few high quality pieces, rather than all of the set and cramming the room with every piece.

5. Hang Artwork in the Correct Spots

Possibly the most common mistake made by novice decorators is hanging their artwork too high. Galleries and museum experts advise everyone to hang artwork so the middle point of each piece is 57-60 inches from the floor.

6. Don't Be Afraid to Be Bold

Pick one bold piece to accentuate each room, be it a piece of art, a chandelier, a rug, or paint colour. This wows the audience and incorporates your personal style.

7. Comfort Over Style

Above all else, make sure to create something comfortable for you and your family. A home decoration of a stuffy collection of pillows is of no use if it has to be moved for the family to watch television every night.

8. Not Everything Has to Be New

A great look is to mix old with new, inexpensive with pricey. Family heirlooms have a place right alongside the new modern couch and a quilt handmade by a great-grandmother can make a wonderful focal piece in a room full of new furnishings.

9. Paint your Bookcases

The pop of color is unexpected and certainly brightens and energizes a room. Don’t feel like you can only use stains or browns. The back drop of the shelves can be bright, bold colors or even wallpaper patterns. This can also be your bold statement for the room.

10. Less is More

Everyone wants to display knick-knacks, but in the case of a home decoration, less is certainly more. For a stylish home, the more open space, the more stylish it will appear. Picking one or two bold or sentimental items will give the area your own stamp and will still achieve an uncluttered appearance.

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